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1) Ex-Stripper
2) Controversial character in today's society.
3) Murderer of the king, Kurt Cobain, who delayed the domination of disgusting music, such as rap.
1) Dude...holy crap, that looks like the girl that I gave a dollar bill to, to get her cellulite ass out of my face.
-That's cause it is....it's Courtney Love Cobain.

2) She's attractive when she's not doing drugs...but she always does drugs.

3) Fucking skank murdered Cobain. SHE MURDERED HIM, IN ORDER FOR HIS ALBUMS TO SELL MORE MONEY AFTER HIS DEATH, TO DRAW MORE ATTENTION TOWARDS IT. She murdered him. She murdered the rock era, the grunge era, and now we're stuck with poetry with guns and drugs, aka rap.
by Cobain will have justice. November 11, 2005

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