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What a québécoise calls a mullet. Typically worn buy white trash french Canadians named Jean-Guy.
Haha! Hey look at that peppers Coupe Longueuil.
by Stever450 March 23, 2005
The french quebecker term for a mullet.
Jean-Guy: Ey Jean-Philippe, que-ce qui a la avec tes cheveux?
Jean-Philippe: J'ai perdu un pari avec Jean-Marc et la jdois porter cette coupe longueuil esti de calis de tabarnak.
by Jean-Steve March 16, 2009
a very ugly haircut, known to french quebeckers.
marie, don't tell me your boyfriend has a coupe longueuil ?
re : euhh, no not really...
by blitzz September 06, 2007
A funny mullet like hair do sported by those who reside on the South shore of Montreal.
Look at the "coupe longueuil" on the guy driving that Trans-Am.
by Monamourski March 02, 2008
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