dont lie, the little redneck in all of us begs for country music, haha.

Country music is aggravating, but as with many forms of music, its halfway decent when you are straight drunk.
Country music? well YEE HAW!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
1)THE BEST MUSIC ON EARTH!! i dunno what the hell is up up with everyone thinkin that its all just a buncha stupid cowboys singin about pointless things! Its accually somthing that NORMAL people can relate to. Hell if it wasnt for country music, life would stop, cus this is the music that keeps the whole damn world goin!

2)I aint sayin gotta listen to it, but you sures hell had better not be plannin on walkin up to a country boy in yir gangster clothes and tellin him country music sucks, because you shurs hell aint gonna come outta that in one solid piece.
1) (world is spinning just fine) "Awoohoo aw play somthin..." (country music stops and world stops too)

2) Ganster: "Yo, your music sucks!"
Cowboy: "What the?" WHACK!
Ganster: "........"
Cowboy: Shrugs an walks away
by BarrelRunninCowgirl May 08, 2006
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