A once amazing form of music, until the same money-hungry bastards who made pop music decided to take it over and ruin its future by recycling it into an augmented version of pop music.

Nowadays, the soccer moms and rednecks who listen to nothing but this fake trash try to make it look good by comparing it to gangster rap. They're both horrible.
Person with actual taste: Who would listen to either, you Retardis?
by The Knife Ninja February 10, 2014
Sane, easy to listen to music that requires intelligible lyrics and an actual melody. Furthermore, the lyrics aren't designed to merely sound cool, but to tell a story. Listening will even demonstrate harmony vocals being done in the background. There are real chords that follow a logical progression, and instruments that require genuine talent to play. Subject matter can be anything, and I do mean anything. You name the real-life situation, and chances are a country song has been written about it.

Let's eliminate stereotypes here. Classic rock and metal is not all "a cacophony of electric guitar and feedback while somebody screeches into the microphone." Rap is not all "cop killers trashing bitches and ho's while their friends spit to rhythm in the background." And country music is not all "twanging and whining about getting drunk and losing my woman, my house, my dog, and my pickup." Fair enough?

I don't know where people get the idea that all country music fans are blind-patriotic, Bush-loving, right-wing Limbots, or rural Southerners with an IQ in the negative numbers. Neither of those describes me. I don't even live in the South. I just prefer listening to a form of music I can understand, that doesn't overwhelm me with percussion.

People quick to make fun of country music often cite the most extreme negative examples as representative of the entire genre. I agree that Kenny Chesney is among the worst out there today. Please don't mistake him for a prime example of country music.
Wow, I just heard this incredible country song. It sounded like it had been written about me. It told a story I can relate to, and it had a beautiful melody. I'll have to find out who played that steel guitar solo. Whoever it was, is a genius. This is what country music is all about.
by somebodyelsealtogether September 25, 2007
The type of music that makes people suicide more than any other. Look it up statistics show that people who listen to country music tend to commit suicide more than any other. The reason for this being the anger is always brought in and the blame rested on yourself rather then getting your anger and sadness away.
I do not wish to include and example with the word Country Music in it.
by Soberburnout May 27, 2010
A synonym for shit.
Hey sorry I was in the bathroom so long I was making some country music.
by I hate country music September 30, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, country music is not all about honky tonks, losing your wife, and working on a farm. It can be about all different kind of things such as love(Our Song), what you know now(Letter to Me), and just comedy (A Boy Named Sue). Not everyone who listens to country music is a southern, Republican, below-40 IQ, hick. They are hard-working people who like music they can relate to. Any questions?
Me: Dad, why do people assume anyone who listens to country music is a redneck?
Dad: I don't know, they're just ignorant.
(Blasts "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" as he speeds up in his Porsche!)
Proof not everyone who listens to country music is a redneck hick!
by Froggurl03 November 26, 2008

it is not good.
tom (off of myspace): "hey i fuckin hate that damm country music its shit"
by pleblo March 01, 2008
The amazing genre of all music where the singers (most of them) express there feelings into there singing and makes me and other people smile and happy to allow the singer to add in little notes to express who they are and what they are like.
Country music is awesome hahaha!
by ThePersonWhoLovesYou May 14, 2015

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