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Contrary to popular belief, country music is not all about honky tonks, losing your wife, and working on a farm. It can be about all different kind of things such as love(Our Song), what you know now(Letter to Me), and just comedy (A Boy Named Sue). Not everyone who listens to country music is a southern, Republican, below-40 IQ, hick. They are hard-working people who like music they can relate to. Any questions?
Me: Dad, why do people assume anyone who listens to country music is a redneck?
Dad: I don't know, they're just ignorant.
(Blasts "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" as he speeds up in his Porsche!)
Proof not everyone who listens to country music is a redneck hick!
by Froggurl03 November 26, 2008
A genre of music that 100% of people on this website bitch about nonstop, whether about how they think it's retarded or how they think it's been corrupted and so on. In reality, country music is just another genre of music that developed in the early stages of expansion in America, where the only instruments where handmade fiddles and such. The songs are understandable and about topics such as life, love, and loss. And just for the record, don't call country listeners retards because PEOPLE CAN LIKE WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT, YOU ARROGANT, CLOSE-MINDED DUMBASSES. You are not the authority on what is and isn't cool. I can respect what you like, but can you respect what other people like?
Country music is for the people who like it.
by A-person_yay April 28, 2014
Real music about Real stuff.
Unlike almost all other stuff.
Guy 1 listens to rap.
Guy 2 listens to real Country Music
Ladies love country boys
by thepanthersrock April 15, 2010
(modern) a genre of music that originated in the south. This genre is very limited and not appreciated by musicians.

Instrumentation is almost the exact same throughout every band: includes - vocalist, acoustic guitars, electric guitars (and always a slide electric guitar), "fiddle," bass, and drums.

Country music appeals to people that do not attentively or actively engage in music; it is simply a background noise that drives away the silence.

Country Songs are very similar throughout various artists. They are extremely simplistic and repetitive. They are predictable and rely on short, annoying riffs to force people to “remember” and somehow “like” their song.

The musicians are very limited and rarely experiment. The definition of a solo in Country Music is usually a 5 second non-improvised fiddle melody. The guitarists thrive only on basic chords. The bassist only plays 2 or 3 notes the entire song and alternates between them on quarter notes. The drummer NEVER plays any more than 1 single rhythm throughout the entire song (usually bass drum hits on beats 1 and 3, the snare hits on 2 and 4, and an occasional crash on the cymbals).

The lyrics of country songs cover similar topics: women, divorce, drinking, breaking up, honky tonk. The lyrics are very simplistic and evoke no powerful meaning other the events of some evening after having to many beers.

Popularity is base on if:
1.) The lead singer is sexy.
2.) One of their songs mentionshonky tonk.”
3.) and oh... the lead singer is sexy.
4.) the band has produced “cool” music videos
5.) and oh... the lead singer is sexy.
6.) the name of their band, the art design and pictures inside of the CD case
7.) and oh... the lead singer is sexy.

The fan base of country music contains:
1.) Female teenagers
2.) Married women who wish they were married to Garth Brooks
3.) Men married to these women who have no other choice

All-in-all, Country Music is for the people who have no concept of musicality or musicianship, are very narrow-minded and do not see the world the way it is. It should be considered more of a form of music as entertainment rather than music as an art.
"Hey Murph, I done got me a john deere. I tell ya wha', its got one of dos fancy pants air con-ditioners in 'em. It also got one of dem radios so I can sit in here and listen to country music all day."
by jjoey November 04, 2007
The type of music that makes people suicide more than any other. Look it up statistics show that people who listen to country music tend to commit suicide more than any other. The reason for this being the anger is always brought in and the blame rested on yourself rather then getting your anger and sadness away.
I do not wish to include and example with the word Country Music in it.
by Soberburnout May 27, 2010
A synonym for shit.
Hey sorry I was in the bathroom so long I was making some country music.
by I hate country music September 30, 2010
A great form of torture for our enemies in the Middle East. The worst sound a person could ever endure--even worse than rap music. More specifically, it’s a form of folk music popular in the southern United States and Appalachia whos themes focus on cheating lovers, getting drunk, losing your car, losing your pickup truck, getting thrown in jail, losing your kids and getting a divorce. The country music sound utilizes guitars, banjos, fiddles, pianos and sometimes harmonicas, and sung by talentless “singers” who sound awfull and lack the ability to do anything else.
I can't stand country music! Yuk!
by krock1dk April 10, 2008