A great form of music that originated in the rural south. I am one of the few who likes both modern country(Trace Adkins, Big & Rich, Jason Aldean, Gretchen Wilson, etc.) and traditional country (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, George Jones, The Carter family, etc.). Country is great because it can be about anything such as love, drinking, having fun, driving, history, sports, politics, lifestyle and even the internet(the song "Online", by Brad Paisley).
Country is not just depressed emos whining about their "problems" they pretend to have or a buch of "gangstaz" tellin us how they busted a cap in a cops ass. Country requires actual musical talent.
country music is so great that it has been fused with many other genres, even hip hop (Cowboy Troy)
by 3earnhardtforever3 August 15, 2007
A genre of music that used to be good until it all started sounding the same. After Garth Brooks came into the fold, there were really obcessed country fans and the selling out in country became more common. Nowadays country music is full of acts trying to sound a lot like each other and many artists do not have their individuality, but many did not have that from the start of the genre. Once Waylon Jennings demanded that he would play his own songs like it or not, individual began to increase in the genre. The creativity of the country singer or band is denied when they are not allowed to be creative. Ever since maybe ten years ago or even earlier many acts have been copying each other. Individuality has been more seen in some Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Bocephus, Eric Church, Brad Paisley, and in the songs of a few other country acts. However Rock, Alternative, Punk, and Metal, and Metalcore ( the one with probably the most freedom of expression and by far the most lyrically deep the majority of the time are the best). However the legacy of country music is being ruined by an attempt to commercialize like pop artists is hurting the genre of country music when they try to be all hip hop and sing about a woman's booty or follow the same formula of every other band in country or rock music. These rock bands they seek to sometimes emulate are southern rock bands, Nickelback, 3 Dooors Down, and Hinder. Honestly, country music is so far on the decline that it has to the potential to turn worse than the pop/dance and techno genres.
Nashville is selling out because country music all of a sudden became about women's butt and copying anyone in the genre who has been getting hit singles.
by Jon K of the Peach State March 21, 2009
A genre of music popular among white-trashy inbreeds. Just listening to it has been proven to lower your IQ. All the singers sound exactly the same, as if they were purposely trying to sound like hicks. Someone who listens to country music is usually from a rural, white, bigoted community.
"Earl couldn't get his GED, so he took his mobile to Nashville in hopes of becoming a country music star."
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006
Losers who ride the band wagon, often listen to this filth. Luke Bryan is a herb with two first names. Nobody likes this music, they just go to concerts to see "wanna be" country girls who usually dress in sexy flannels and boots.
Girl 1: hey girls, do you like Country Music? lets go to a country concert and pretend we are tailgating. We probably won't get with any dudes there though because most guys who go to these concerts are gay.
by bfk4life October 28, 2013
a type of music where you lose everything you own and takes no talent whatsoever to write lyrics for. Type of music listened to by people who have nothin better in life to do than complain about everything.
i heard some country music the other day, and i would rather have my face kicked in.
by colonel-s February 23, 2009
country music cant even be called music. its noise. all of the singers, if you can even call them singers, sound the same and are horrible. its whiny crap. its all about the same topics.. its pointless to society. its music that stupid rednecks and cowboys listen to. it is the lowest form of music possible.

redneck: this is a great song y'all!
rocker: lemme hear *puts on headphones*
redneck: y'all like it?
rocker: omfg! what is this shit? I think my ears are bleeding!
redneck: what y'all talkin bout?! this is amazin. countrys all i listen to.
rocker: its not even music. its noise.

country music= shit!!!
by lpc; godd August 13, 2007
Type of noise (you can't even call it music) that features the most mundane lyrics imaginable, "singers" that sound exactly alike, and the ever-present, excruciating fiddle. The only people that listen to this noise are white, racist republicans.
Country music is Bush reelectin' music.
by the mutant September 30, 2005

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