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a once-vital form of rustic music derived from European styles of folk and dance music made by European immigrants to America. It's generally played with instruments like the mandolin, acoustic and steel guitars, fiddle and so on. It used to be about observations of the world, life and love in its complexities. Now it's all cliched, with imagery of cowboys, macho bragadoccio, Southern pride, small town life, "she done him wrong", "tears in my beer", "redneck" living, sentimental tripe like the trend-chasing "Angels Among Us", and "family values". Oh yes, and "God bless the U.S.A." jingoism. Ever since Garth Brooks (who is a watered down Bob Seger) hit it big in the fucking PC 90s, country has been "yuppified" and formulaic. Now there boring piano ballads with cliched lyrics galore sung by lousy Richard Marx clones with cowboy hats, the generic hat acts, pretty ladies singing tunes fit only for shopping mall opening-dedications, sexy ladies who sing corporate pop (no, it don't impress me much) and preachy, jingoistic sentimental crap in the aftermath of all this 9/11 business like the aw-shucks "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning". This trash is pushed on the sheep public by corporate execs in suits.
Country music has a rich history, having been around all through the 20th century, maybe before. It is a "root music" of rock'n'roll (along with jazz, blues and other styles). Then in the mid 90s country lost its vitality, absorbed influences from 70s adult contemporary acts like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles and it's been gawlee gee money-making yee-haw crap ever since, in other words, a pale imitation of what the genre once was. For hicks, soccer moms and yuppies. Utter puke. Whole families listen to this swill, the kids grow up and become slaves to manufactured trash "music" and stereotypes. Sad, really sad.
by California Sun December 04, 2006
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Music that was once pretty respectable. Nowadays, it's been hijacked by rednecks singing about trucks, God, small town farms, and how America can do no wrong.
Country music's quality declined in reverse proportion to it's rise in mainstream popularity.

Compare good acts such as The Statler Brothers and Johnny Cash to modern acts such as Toby Keith and Trailer Park Choir.
by 87r747347435634634653245623 December 10, 2010
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country music cant even be called music. its noise. all of the singers, if you can even call them singers, sound the same and are horrible. its whiny crap. its all about the same topics.. its pointless to society. its music that stupid rednecks and cowboys listen to. it is the lowest form of music possible.

redneck: this is a great song y'all!
rocker: lemme hear *puts on headphones*
redneck: y'all like it?
rocker: omfg! what is this shit? I think my ears are bleeding!
redneck: what y'all talkin bout?! this is amazin. countrys all i listen to.
rocker: its not even music. its noise.

country music= shit!!!
by lpc; godd August 13, 2007
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Type of noise (you can't even call it music) that features the most mundane lyrics imaginable, "singers" that sound exactly alike, and the ever-present, excruciating fiddle. The only people that listen to this noise are white, racist republicans.
Country music is Bush reelectin' music.
by the mutant September 30, 2005
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A genre of music popular among white-trashy inbreeds. Just listening to it has been proven to lower your IQ. All the singers sound exactly the same, as if they were purposely trying to sound like hicks. Someone who listens to country music is usually from a rural, white, bigoted community.
"Earl couldn't get his GED, so he took his mobile to Nashville in hopes of becoming a country music star."
by Brian the Definer November 12, 2006
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A genre of music that greatly appeals to rednecks.

ACTUAL Country Music Song Titles:

Cow Cow Boogie (Moo Moo My Love)
I Wish I Were A Woman (So I Could Go Out With A Guy Like Me)
I Was Looking Back to See If You Were Looking Back to See If I Was Looking Back to See if You Were Looking Back at Me
I Wanna Whip Your Cow.
I Want a Beer as Cold as My Ex-Wife's Heart
She Broke My Heart, I Broke Her Jaw

And there you have it. However, there are a select few good country songs.
Most country music makes me feel suicidal.
by Miranda March 06, 2005
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Sane, easy to listen to music that requires intelligible lyrics and an actual melody. Furthermore, the lyrics aren't designed to merely sound cool, but to tell a story. Listening will even demonstrate harmony vocals being done in the background. There are real chords that follow a logical progression, and instruments that require genuine talent to play. Subject matter can be anything, and I do mean anything. You name the real-life situation, and chances are a country song has been written about it.

Let's eliminate stereotypes here. Classic rock and metal is not all "a cacophony of electric guitar and feedback while somebody screeches into the microphone." Rap is not all "cop killers trashing bitches and ho's while their friends spit to rhythm in the background." And country music is not all "twanging and whining about getting drunk and losing my woman, my house, my dog, and my pickup." Fair enough?

I don't know where people get the idea that all country music fans are blind-patriotic, Bush-loving, right-wing Limbots, or rural Southerners with an IQ in the negative numbers. Neither of those describes me. I don't even live in the South. I just prefer listening to a form of music I can understand, that doesn't overwhelm me with percussion.

People quick to make fun of country music often cite the most extreme negative examples as representative of the entire genre. I agree that Kenny Chesney is among the worst out there today. Please don't mistake him for a prime example of country music.
Wow, I just heard this incredible country song. It sounded like it had been written about me. It told a story I can relate to, and it had a beautiful melody. I'll have to find out who played that steel guitar solo. Whoever it was, is a genius. This is what country music is all about.
by somebodyelsealtogether September 25, 2007
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A once amazing form of music, until the same money-hungry bastards who made pop music decided to take it over and ruin its future by recycling it into an augmented version of pop music.

Nowadays, the soccer moms and rednecks who listen to nothing but this fake trash try to make it look good by comparing it to gangster rap. They're both horrible.
Person with actual taste: Who would listen to either, you Retardis?
by Hawkbit February 10, 2014
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