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A hot girl who grew up in the country, she can rope and ride, barrel race, even calf rope. Likes to have fun not as crazy as a redneck girl.
Look at the country girl rope.
by xXtoxic~truckslutxX November 27, 2007
Typically hot, hardheaded, determined, always polite. Remembers her manners but will drop them on a dime to teach someone 'What's right'. Loves horses, knows how to ride, good cook, traditional type women that can still hold their own. Look just as natural in jeans and boots as they do in dresses. From farm family, or area, loves animals and children.

Usually underestimated and mistaken for the southern type. A country girl will often be referred to as 'the one that got away'. Country girls offer their men the typical lovers traits, with an added challenge thrown in. Often a country girl will have a man that provides well enough, but will constantly be pushing to provide just as well.

They believe in 'honesty is the best policy' and are typically humble unless challenged.

Never will you see a country girl waiting to find someone who will take care of her.

You can find country girls in the mid-west region of the USA. You'll be lucky to find one on the coast, as a country girl feels most at home in the mid-west.
From eHow:

Act sweet but have a strong side. Country girls retain all the charm and gentility of an old-fashioned gal, and mind their manners. But they can also be strong-willed when they need to be, protect the family farm or property, milk the cows, drive a tractor or operate the town post office by themselves.

A country girl knows how to use pots and pans. She bakes cakes for birthdays and special occasions, and picks the apples for her home-baked apple pie herself.
by Country Girl at heart September 03, 2010
A girl who grew up in the country and loves it. Usually listens to country music, might ride a truck or wear Wranglers. No, she doesn't necessarily have to know how to ride horses to be a country girl, since many country girls live on a farm without animals, just many crops. Chances are she has worked in the fields and helped with harvest. Perhaps she likes fishing and hanging with country boys.
Every country girl needs a country boy.
by robotpopsicle85 October 21, 2011
Typically thought of as a redneck, daddy's girl, but in reality, usually an average girl of the south. She wears cowgirl boots, not neccasarily on a regular basis. She's alright with wearing dresses and lookin pretty, but, just like any other girl, prefers jeans. Country Girls coome in all shapes and sizes, and are typically not whores, meaning, some are virgins some aint. country girls love their Jason Aldean and you can't forget Sugarland, so, yes, they love country music, but they don't limit what they listen to, to jus that, they also like pop-hits, just as much. Most, I'd say, go to church, half or more, don't really give a damn though. They just go cause it's more of a ritual of the south than anything.

Most Northeners & Californians, mistake country girls and rednecks, so let me make it clear, Polk County, TN = rednecks whereas most other counties in TN, have country girls and boys, and not so many rednecks.
A: Didja know Reese Witherspoon, was raised up as a country girl ?

B: Yea, she was good friends with my aunt, back when they were youngins' like us.
by True Country Girl May 19, 2011
takes value in honesty, honor, integerty. Hunts know her horses and farm animals. Loves life and people. Takes pride in what she does. loves countryboys...
wranglers,cowboots,hat,dusty,horse,long hair,browneyes..
by Alex March 12, 2005
Country Girls are a great gift from God so if you ever are lucky enough to have one hold onto her .
Country Girls come in all shapes and sizes they usaully love trucks , their family , muddin , camo , cooking , cuddling , animals , country music , ridin horses , hunting ,fishing , etc. Their are very protective over their friends and family ans aren't afraid to stand their own and kick some yuppie ass when they need to . Country girls are usually the best girlfriends and wifes. They usually were raised in the southern state like Kentucky , Tennessee , Georgia , etc. Most country girls arent whoares because most of them were raised right . Country girls are just so wonderful they are tough as nails and sweet as sugar .EVERY COUNTRY GIRL NEEDS A COUNTRY BOY .
Damn look at that beautiful country girls
by countryboy5663y37 September 27, 2014
Imaginary expectation of what a girl from some shithole in the middle of nowhere is like. They are just average teenage girls that will never be anything more than a fat housewife in the future, which the "country boy" will settle for. They are exactly like the "basic" bitches found in the city only they claim to be tomboys and join in backwoods activities such as mudding, bonfiring and hunting and only actually go once or twice. These girls commonly boast about being country on social network sites and apps such as Facebook, instagram and Twitter. They also listen to shitty modern pop-country music and bring a radio everywhere they go because they absolutely HAVE to listen to it every day. Around the age of 25-26 the constant alcohol intake gets to them and they begin to gain weight, also around this time they dont mention being "country" anymore and begin to have children to complete the cycle.
by DouchebagOnInternet July 28, 2013