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An urban slang term that originated from MSN statuses. One may use the term to have other people acknowledge that they are indeed watching the TV Series "Country Gatherer" and currently on episode 5. This is crucial to have as a status for there is no point in watching a Television show if others don't know about it.
Example 1
"Share something new with friends."

*Hmm, well my best friend passed away last week. No, no, that can wait, I MUST tell others what I am watching as of RIGHT NOW.*

"Country Gatherer 5"

"There, done. Hopefully people will see it, and maybe even comment on it"

Example 2
Friend 1: "Yo Phillip, whatcha doing? Watching porn?"
Phillip: "Nah, why watch porn when you can watch Country Gatherer?" "I'm on episode 5."
Friend 1: "Don't forget to put it as your MSN status, or there is no point in even watching it.

Phillip: Damn, almost forgot, thanks bro.
by CountryGatherer5 August 06, 2011

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