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Counciltucky: n 1. nickname for the town across the river from Omaha perceived to be like the backwoods country of Kentucky
2. a town with its fair share of strip joints, pickup trucks, and mullet hair cuts.
3. a place where “men are men and sheep are scared.”
4. the “white trash” area of the Omaha metro.
5. See also Council Bluffs
That man has a mullet and can't drive, must be from Counciltucky
by Omaha July 03, 2004
The dingy asshole of America (whereas Omaha is the wonderful, silky inner thigh) where all is well if you drive a sputtering multi-colored vehicle and have a mullet so dirty and full of nasties that it's almost sentient. Also known as Council Bluffs, Counciltucky looks like a mythical drab, rundown, post-apocalyptic world where nobody knows the definition of tooth care, showers, vehicle maintenance, or proper driving. However, this is no fantasy. It is a sad and horrifying reality.

Everything is grey and old and broken. Even the prostitutes. Merely driving through Counciltucky with the car windows rolled down will get you a contact meth high.
An overall shitty place to even think about, let alone live in or drive through.
Greg: Whoa, dude. Ya know that smelly guy who works at the gas station? Billy-Bob? Did you know his mom is also his sister?

Max: Shit, dude. He must be from Counciltucky.
by Queenofthedream June 21, 2012
I agree pretty much with the definition above. But it is almost always called Council-Tucky by someone FROM Nebraska (usually Omaha or surrounding areas) The reason it is called Council-Tucky is that the whole town in an armpit. Cars with duct tape. Monster trucks. Missing teeth. Trailers. It is a play on Council Bluffs and Kentucky. I guess we view "Kentucky" as a state that is 'beneath' us? Personally, I would have chosen Arkansas...but Arkan-Bluffs and Council-sas dont have the nice hokey melody that Council-Tucky has. Also, the above example is wrong. People from Council Bluffs dont say theyre from Council-Tucky. Usually they just say theyre from "The Bluffs"
"Hey, look at that car. Three different colored fenders. Duct tape holding on the bumper. A complete, duct tape window! They MUST be from Council-Tucky! Yep...the license plate is P-Wott county!"
by Prevenger August 22, 2007
a phrase used to describe or insult the town of Council Bluffs,Iowa
Kid1: hey where do you live?
Kid2: oh i live in council tucky!
by krazylynx cat March 24, 2005

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