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A group of close friends that one confides in when they are going through some real tough times. A Council Of Elders is right 99% of the time.

The name is taken from African traditional culture where the oldest men in the village (US audience read 'Senior Citizens')gathered around a fire in the full moon every month to listen to domestic and societal cases and pass judgment and give solutions if required.
Guy 1: Yo I had accidentally set up a date with two different girls for the Wednesday gig!

Guy 2:Oh werd!?Whatdyu do?

Guy 1: Had to halla at my C.O.E for advice.They sed I should drop the girl I already fucked and get with the one I hadn't yet and it worked.I got laid that night!

Guy 2:who tha hell is C.O.E?

Guy 1: My Council Of Elders yo!My people.
by EricKay(credit to Benson) September 07, 2009
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