While the 40 year old may be hot, she isnt good for much more than a roll in the sack. Certainly not dinner or a movie.
I would love to bang that cougar but she wants me to talk to her and text her and give her the attention that she deserves. So not worth my time!
by misanthropist123 February 04, 2011
Known to many KeyHole faithful as being a bitch. Cougar refers to the pilot in the movie Top Gun (Merlin was his Wingman)who, after the first couple Mig's come along in the movie, was such a whiney little bitch he could barely land his plane.
Cody: "I thought Nick was shooting action zone today?"

Matt: "Nick didn't want to shoot action zone today."

Cody: "God, he is being such a cougar"
by 55Goose July 10, 2008
An older plastic looking chick found groaping unsuspecting males at the bar. Usually accompanied by their daughter, and or other cougar friends.
Yo Mike, I shagged that cougar from the bar last night.
by Sammy March 25, 2003
A woman of older years, who preys upon younger men. they use all their gile and cunning to capture the affections of young unsuspecting men. They often offer filatio, cunal-lingus, or other means, all for the purposes of getting "dick". With their looks (often fading), they will feed these young men well, buy them expensive gifts and may go as far as managing their affairs, in a mothering fashion. However, this is just a trick or snare for the unsuspecting young man, suddenly they are trapped; and the prey is captured until they reach a more mature age or it isnt fun anymore. Most felines will play with their prey before they kill it and / or feed it to their young.
1. "Did you see Tim's new grandfriend?"
2. "Yeah, she looks like his mother?"
1. "Yeah, She's 20yrs older!"
2. "I guess his mother didnt breastfeed him enough?" "Tits all saggy and shit, Yuuuuk!"
1. "Thats why he hooked-up with a cougar!"
by Thought for the day... March 07, 2010
An updated term for the old card game "Old Maid", in order to make it more appealing.

Wouldn't you rather play a game of Cougar, than a game of Old Maid?
"Hey, Tommy! Want to play some Cougar?"
"Sure! Let me get my cards! You're totally going to get stuck with the old biznatch this time!"
by Fungible January 26, 2010
A 35 or older woman willing to do "whatever it takes" to obtain sexual gratification from a younger, more capable male.
Last night I was pounced on unexpectantly by a cougar.
by P-toon April 03, 2008
An older woman, usually with abnormally large breasts and a very small waist looking to get some action from a defenseless young male. Cougars usually range from the ages of 35-55 and can be vicious creatures out to end puppy love relationships. Cougars dwell in small, dark, high class bars in downtown settings where they can quickly sneak up on their prey, rendering them defenseless. The night usually ends in waking up next to the cougar after a night of sexual escapades to her child getting ready for school. Beware of cougars, beware.
Defenseless College Student 1: What happened to you last night? You were with us at the bar then you just kind of disappeared.

DCS 2: Dude, I was attacked by a cougar last night.

DCS 1: Fuck.
by Cougar Prey November 25, 2007

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