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An older woman (40+) who dresses, behaves and actually believes she is in the same league of 20 & 30 somethings. Even to the point of acting like a young hoe. Her body may be a size 5, but her freakin' face looks beat!
Look at that cougar skank heading for the junior's department. Her body may say maiden, but her mug says crone.
by LadyPeninah December 17, 2009

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a Cougarskank usually refers to a scantily dressed, trashy female who consistently preys on men much younger than herself. Hence obviously, as the name implies, a cougarskank combines the qualities of a hunting cougar and a whorish skank.
Cougarskank is on the prowl tonight

skank cougar
by nevskies December 06, 2009