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Conjugation of several Central American countries proper names. Commonly used by those with little to no grasp on geography outside of their own.

- When a friend travels home to a foregin country in South or Central America and you are unable to recall exactly which country they are from, or as mentioned, which country they have or will travel to
"Hey Alejandro, how was your trip to Costaguatamexaria?"

Jennifer: "I'm so jealous of her dark skin, she doesn't even tan Carol!"
Carol: "Shut up talking Jennifer! I wish I had skin like that. Where is she from anyway?"
Jennifer: "She's from Costaguatamexaria somewhere."
Carol: "O, I love it down there. We should call up Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany and Sandra and see if they'd go with us on a trip!
Jennifer; "Like, totally, Viva Costaguatamexaria!"
by Cannon T August 15, 2007
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