said when one wants to imply that something is a matter of little importance or when one has accepted the outcome of an event or action. similar to "it's chill"
jacob: hey man, sorry about messing up your chances with that girl
brian: costa rica man, costa rica
by amattadohb November 08, 2010
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Costa Rica is as close to a paradise as is actually possible.
I want to live and die in Costa Rica, its simply beautiful
by Leandro October 26, 2004
Like Hawaii only there are things to do besides sit in the sun. it is also a lot cheaper to go to.
"wana go to hawaii?"
"hell no, costa rica is so much better."
by enneh November 07, 2005
A place for new beginnigs and starlit beaches where waves hypnotize and words are recognized as irrelevant.
He will find me on a beach in Costa Rica wearing a white bikini and playing songs of the mariachi on my guitarra.
by Jen March 13, 2004
Country where my mom came from, Peaceful unlike bush who drops bombs like he takes shits. No army, but beautiful rainforests
Don't you wish you lived in Costa rica?
by Katie July 28, 2003
A small country in Central America. Known for it's tropical rainforests and beautiful beaches. It also has a rich economy and is politically stable. Defininately a must-visit.
You need to go to Costa Rica.
by my life be like July 24, 2009
A country that's gonna be fucked if that asteroid hits us in 2036
Bob- Hey Dave, you ever hear about that asteroid that has a 1 in 37 chance of hitting us in 2036
Dave- Yeah, what about it?
Bob- It's supposed to plow straight through Costa Rica!
Dave- Damn....
by bigbadasteroid March 20, 2011

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