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A massive cruise ship belonging to the company Costa, which is also a coffee company. It is an Italian company that has around 25 ships and counting and each can hold on average around 2000 passengers and around 800+ crew.

It goes everywhere around the world and is very popular for tourists who need a break. The crew are very multicultural and range from Europeans to Asians and South Americans, most of them are very beautiful but sadly most are taken. The cruises are very big and has many different facilities on board.

This cruise is not the best in the world but is currently competing with other top class cruises including: Holland America Lines, Eurodam, Carnival and Cunard. It is a very expensive company to travel with and you can soon see your money drain very fast if you were to book a holiday/vacation with them.

You would see many Italians on board since it is a Italian company. Cabins are relatively small and there is not enough room to have sexual intercourse with your partner or a hooker you found during your travels. Drinks are very expensive and are a rip off, there are stalkers who like to take your photo and sell them to you for over $30 per picture but hate it when you take their picture.

Overall Costa Cruises is a very nice cruise company and the ships they have are amazing with friendly crew and they have shows which are performed every night and can be very entertaining.
Going on a Costa Cruise is a once in a life time experience.
by Downtown Wtf August 10, 2009
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