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To use a Jello Pudding Pop as a dildo.
Dude, I gave a Cosby to my girfriend last night.
by poopface95 June 25, 2005
20 28
A multi colored sweater.

Stemming from the days of the Cosby show, in which the main character, Heathcliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, constantly wears bright, multi colored sweaters.
Tom came into the office wearing a colorful sweater.

Mohan exclaimed "Damn Tom, nice Cosby!"
by Chips August 11, 2004
117 23
A sexual senario, its background pertaining to the fact that the african american comedian Bill Cosby used to advertise jello. "A Cosby" is where a girl sucks a man's dick, with jello in her mouth as well.
"Dude your girlfriend gave me a cosby yesterday"
by BloodMatrix February 20, 2005
78 44
A shit, usually of full girth. Tendency to bring pain upon exit.
1. "I hate dropping the cosbys at public restrooms"
2. "I drove Bill Cosby and the kids to the museum"
3. "The cosbys are pushing at the gate"
by G-Man March 05, 2003
40 10
Used online in the Blizzard game "Starcraft" when a nuke is used to kill mass units.
{after nuking 30 zerg units} "Holy shit, that was a cosby!"
by Murdock November 24, 2004
34 22
An African American with a college degree.
"I ain't one of the Cosby's , I aint go to Hillman" Kanye West
by Jay37 February 20, 2008
31 24
The sexual act of 1 partner smoking a cigar and wearing brightly colored sweater, spreading chocolate pudding all over the body of the other partner while saying "You can NEVER have enough Puddinggg"
"I told her chocolate snack packs and she came home with tapioca. Now how am I supposed to Cosby her"
by Not John Warring November 19, 2012
8 3
human feces, processed food, solid waste(human)
Where's Muffy?
She's dropping the cosbys off at the pool.
by rooster rythm October 09, 2006
7 4