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Newest high school (as of 2009) in the Chesterfield region on Virginia. Rival School Clover Hill High School. cosby is a fairly nice school with of course drama. Has most of the same problems as Clover Hill students, only students at Cosby are all assumed to be angels. Lots of preps. But pleanty of cool, chill kids. Home of the Health Science Center. Overall Cosby is a great school, with tons of school spirit and great extra cirriculars.
Cosby High School is two stories tall.
by randomocitymydearest October 25, 2009
33 36
The school of Bill Cosby, may pokemon and epic lawls were achieved there.
"With the guy who walks out with the face's"- Bill Cosby from Cosby High School
by DAAAAAAVID November 09, 2007
10 13