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A lame town 1 hour away from Dallas, Tx. Nothing exiting ever happens here. The only exciting thing to do is go to Walmart. If you have the right connections, you can pretty much get away with anything. The Mayor and all his little friends are corrupted as bad as the police in any latin american country. It's common to walk around Walmart and see numorous pregnant 16 year olds. If your Mexican, then you better watch out for Sherrif Tanner and his family. He is the most racist bastard in the town aside from the "Walmart Twins". If your black, you live on the east side. If your white, you live on the north side. If your brown, you live on the south side. The west side is mostly white/mexican. Even though the towns leaders are corrupted, that's not this town's biggest problem. The biggest problem is the Nigger Problem. You can't take a drive on a street without one starring at you, you can't shop at any store without a nigger making a scene. If you plan on going to Navarro college, then you might as well go to Prarieview because theres nothing but Ghetto niggers there. If you plan on going to the movies, then you might as well not even go. Throughout the whole movie, all the niggers talk and yell as if they own it. It has been brought to the managers attention but he is to scared to face up to them and quite them, but can you blame him? After all they do travel in packs. This town offers nothing for you. No dreams, no goals, no life.
by TheRacistWalmartTwins March 06, 2013