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When you give your workplace belongings away because you know you are about to leave your job or intentionally get fired.
after giving rachel my electric stapler she asked if i had another job and was about to commit corporate suicide.
by lpetti3000 July 30, 2008
The forced surrendering of license to operate a business that requires said license. Since, it is not conducive to profit from such action, this should raise a red flag. There must be underlying and mitigating factors involved. Look for conspiracy. A tip-off that there is sure colluding and government corruption in the mix is when the State Supreme Court send you a letter that states, "Your grievance, even if true would not constitute ethical misconduct or incapacity."

This really puts a kink in an investigation when a person needs the death of the corporation reversed so it can testify.

Corporate Suicide is an invention of Big Brother!
George Orwell was right Enron was a Corporate Suicide, children of the world will suffer!
by gravy111 November 28, 2010