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When a company you work for, or owe money to, or otherwise are forced to deal with willfully and unapologetically fucks you over each and every chance it gets.
It takes 3 days for a deposited check to post in my account. Meanwhile withdrawls are posted instantaneously, causing me to rack up overdraft fees. Yay, corporate sodomy!

My boss denied everyone else vacation time over the holidays, citing the increase in sales would not allow any of us to spend time with our families. Then he took his vacation at that time. Feeling the burn of good ol' corporate sodomy.

The asset protection lady chased thief into the parking lot where he punched her in the face before dropping the Blu-Ray player. She was then fired because the parking lot is not her jurisdiction, but the company still reclaimed and sold the Blu-Ray player. Corporate sodomy at its finest, my friend.
by MastaRoe April 24, 2011
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