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Corporate rock is rock music that fails critically but succeeds commerically. Corporate rock is typically appropriate for all listeners, lacks creativity or invention, and establishes broad appeal as a result of heavy marketing and media saturation.
"I have to illegally download my music because I can't stand all the corporate rock on the radio."
by E-mas January 01, 2009
Often called "generic" by critics ( a.k.a. talentless attention whores that worship Nirvana ). In contrast with Nirvana (overrated band), it contains catchy tune which causes subliminal indulgence and direct to point message rather than overwritten lyrics (more like poems really), screams/whines/squeals and crappy musical accompaniment.
If you're a magazine editor promote "grunge" for marketing purposes. If you're a producer promote "corporate rock" for marketing purposes.
by Laminar Flow October 15, 2015

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