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A high school located in Clark County, Nevada where all the rich kids that can't go to Bishop Gorman HS go to. Filled with preps who get mad when they see someone wearing the same thing as them, jocks who think they're the shit, and everyone else who doesn't give a rat's ass what happens.
Dude: What the fuck happened yesterday at Coronado High School?
Chick: I don't know, who gives a fucking shit anymore?
by I'm A Senior Bitch! July 19, 2011
The richest, whitest high school in Clark County (the largest county in Nevada).

Coronado is filled with white kids who think they are thugs and drugs. When attending Coronado it is customary for EVERYONE to partake in the consumption of black tar heroin.
The amount of self-absorption and drug use at Coronado High School is uncanny.
by Fuckin Swag March 28, 2011
A high school on the island of Coronado off the coast of San Diego , that has dance programs. ROTC programs, football team is the Islanders has lacrosse and water polo teams as well

This is such a Coronado high school party
by Island kid GH March 14, 2012
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