The act of one person poking Cornflakes up the butt of another.
Guy #1- "Hey, Mark, how was your anniversary?"

Guy #2- "It was uneventful for the most part; Beth and I just spent the better part of the night Cornflaking."

Guy#1- "Dude, that's disgusting."

Guy#2- "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, Jeremy."
#nasty #cornflakes #butt #mark #beth
by Letzd32 January 16, 2011
Top Definition
When person "A" scrapes their anal crust off and spoons it into person "B"'s mouth with their penis.

In this way, the penis becomes the spoon, the anal crust becomes the cornflakes and the mouth becomes the bowl.
I'ma cornflake you! Close your eye and open your mouth.

Oh, I'm gunna give him a cornflaking tonight!
#cornflaking #crust #cornflake #flaked #cornflaked
by Dangen December 30, 2008
Bullshitting, dicking around, fucking around.
Him: "Tra la la, I hope it's time to go to work!"
Her: "Come on man, quit cornflaking and let's go!"
#bullshitting #fucking around #dicking around #wasting time #goofing off
by mellowcheddar May 10, 2007
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