Also known as SUNY Cornell. A place where students who don't get into "prestigious" universities want to go to pretend they're smart. So basically a place where people go to put "Cornell" on their resume's because they couldn't get in anywhere else. The Cornell Agriculture school is by far the least competitive college affiliated with Cornell, and is far from "Ivy League," despite what the Ag students say. Nevertheless, all future employers know this, so Cornell Ag students always have difficulties finding jobs after graduation. Oftentimes they will say they applied to the Ag school because of the reduced tuition, but this is a lie. They applied there because they know everyone with above a 1100 SAT gets in, and others may deem them "smart" and "Ivy League" material. Boy are they wrong.
Student 1: I got into Cornell! And I'm going!!!
Student 2: Shut up, you got into the Cornell Agriculture School, no is impressed.
Student 1: But it says Cornell!
Student 2: You are a joke, kill yourself.
by MagicHatter May 07, 2010

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