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The act of sticking corn up some one's ass or other region.
On Boku no Sexual Harassment they do some major corn porn.
by Fangirl December 05, 2004
61 33
Pornography with corn, Corn engaging in sexual acts, Nude Corn, etc. (See CILS)
"Ooohh, look at that corn porn! Ooohhh, yeeeahh, rub that butter on yourself! What are you gonna do with those corn holders? Yeah, you know what you're going to do with them, you dirty, dirty cob!"
by Edward Fath May 13, 2008
107 16
When corn on the cob is undressed (shucked) by many hands for all to enjoy.
Person #1: "Hey, check out all this corn I just shucked."

Person #2: "Ooh! I'm so excited my mouth is watering."

These two people are engaging in Corn Porn.
by STS-69 August 02, 2011
10 10
Porn involving anal sex. Like a guy corn holing a girl.
Dude, my mom caught me wanking to some corn porn
by HAZ3R September 22, 2005
45 47
the act of two corn snakes getting it one with one another.
hey mike, look at that corn porn!
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
16 27