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A sweet, funny, wired friend who seems to have an obsession with barbie dolls and guitars, often loves cookies and
A half cocker spaniol and a yorkie puppy (a corkie)
by cbsl December 27, 2009
1. A total scab. Leeches off others for Money, Fags and Booze. Usually seen in the pub with pish on his pants.
Guy 1: "Lend us £2 guy poah poah"

Guy 2: "Dont be such a Corkie"
by Rickie1980 August 20, 2008
A steaming pile of poo, usually laden with corn. Typically also contains particles of Taco Bell, and Peanuts.
I just took the biggest corkie of my life, in that truck station bathroom.
by john doh January 24, 2004

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