A girl with outstanding beauty and a loving heart, usually with dark hair and stunning eyes who is amazing in the bedroom.
"Wow that girl last night was a total Corinne"
by Nick_998 November 05, 2008
Top Definition
Corinne is everything you will ever want or need in a person. She is the prettiest of prettiest, smartest of smart. She will have you laughing for hours on end. Corinne is the most talented individual you will ever meet. Along with all of that Corinne embodies what it means to be a true leader. Corinne will never follow the heard; Corinne creates her own path in life. Corinne is the girl you sigh at and say, "I want to be her when I grow up." Corinne is divine in her own right. Corinne will always come out on top, because Corinne will always get what Corinne wants.
I want to be Corinne when I grow up.
by OhCorinna March 04, 2009
A magnificent creature who not only is gorgeous, but has the intellectual capabilities to carry on quality conversation for vast amounts of time; generally brunette, but sometimes blonde, Corinne is a woman who other women aspire to be like. Make excellent partners, and will never leave your side. Corinne is the future mother to many children, as she is a natural born nurturer and loves children. Common professions include: teacher, mother, day care. Generally Corinne is a woman with petite breasts, but makes up for her lack of mammaries with sexual appetite.
Wow, that girl over there is gorgeous! I think her name is Corinne. Her boobs are a little small but i bet she is an animal in bed! I think I'm gonna ask her out because she seems like a great mom!
by bf4ever February 28, 2010
She is the prettiest/sexiest/funniest girl ever, she loves the spotlight, loves socializing, she is everything you would need in a girl. If you need any advice for anything, you must see her, she will listen to your problems and give you feedback. She is the most loyal girl you will ever meet, the realest of the real. Watch out though, don't get on her bad side... she's sneaky and shiesty! She's so silly, will make you feel comfortable and will make you laugh for hours! She will treat you how you treat her. A big head turner on the streets! Amazing in bed!
"Look at Corinne...She's such a Corinne!"
"I wanna be Corinne.."
"Look at him with that pretty girl.. I bet her name is Corinne!!"
by xoxoqueenxoxo April 14, 2010
Corinne is someone who is extremely smart. She usually has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is nice to her friends but not so much to others. She tends to act crazy. She's strong and can stand up for herself. She will do anything to protect her friends and family. She's not very athletic but she can out run someone if she has to. To put it simply you want to have a corinne as your friend.
My corinne is the best of all!
did you see that?! Corinne just broke that girls arm cuz she was bullying her friend!
by Neoma August 01, 2011
Everything you want in a girl. She is very pretty with her light brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. She is very smart and has a sense of humor. She smiles a lot and every time she does, she lights up the whole room. She loves coffee, chocolate, and watching movies. She is a role-model to little girls and other girls her age. Any guy is lucky to have her.
That girl is such a Corinne.
by THEBESTPIANOIST28 November 10, 2011
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