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This type of girl will lead you on in so many ways you will forget about everything else and just want to be with her. But a Corina Martinez has a lot of problems with cheating on anyone she says she loves. With their best friends. Then this type of girl will always lie about it when you have overwhelming prove against her. She will stab you in the back over and over again! So I would advise you never to trust this type of girl. It's not worth the risk of being with a lying cunt, so take this advice to stay away from this type of disgusting evil girl! (This is a TYPE of girl not a specific person.)
Boyfriend-Did you cheat on me with my best friend!?

Corina Martinez-NO! I love you and I would never do that to you babe!

Boyfriend-The person you kissed told me that you and him did!

Corina Martinez-Well he's obviously lieing!

Boyfriend-My friend saw you and him do it too...

Corina Martinez-Must have been a different girl.
by One of the good guys. March 16, 2013
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