A cock that is wider then it is longer.
Nice cock, but I've got a corgy.
by MediumCockSlaps July 08, 2009
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Cory Ward, a 56ker from New Zealand who constantly gets made fun of by removing the C from his name "accidentally."
=FI= Corgy was killed by CN3089
by Corgy's mom April 05, 2004
An orgy in a corridor:
At a workplace/school etc.

NOT to be confused with the breed of dog - Corgie.
"Aww, Man! Did you see all those kids in that Corgy? I was so tempted to jump in."

"Mmm, Today i had the best Corgy EVER."
by Islaaaa March 18, 2009
The sexual experimintation of 5 or more small dogs.
Holy Shit those dogs are having a corgy!!!!!
by Honkus January 21, 2003

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