a slang word for a dildo, vibrator, or strap-on.
Roy was looking through his mom's room for something and came across her cooter scooter. He was scared for life.
by zmar328 April 25, 2012
Top Definition
When your getting your girlfriend from behind, tell her to wrap her legs around you leading her to believe your going to let her do a reverse cowgirl, when to her surprise you get up with your dick inside her start walking forward and make her start walk forward on her hands and see how long you can walk her around with you in her!
Man I gave my girlfriend a good Cooter Scooter last night, I scooted her around for at least 5 minutes be fore she could stop herself!
by 1984 Dominator October 07, 2006
A term used to describe the lilbuddy
It comes from the ability for a woman to put her cooter on your penis and ride it all over the place like a scooter.
that slut rode my cooter scooter all over the place last night.
by venge April 15, 2003
When a man ejaculates into a vagina without a condom, and rather than pulling out to let it drip onto the bedsheets, both parties simultaneously scoot to the edge of the bed before pulling out so that one can reach a towel.
Fred just washed his sheets, so after cumming in Susie he did the cooter scooter to let it drip onto the floor.
by Duncan O'Toole August 03, 2009
A roommate that brings alot of ass around the house and gets you laid.
Pedro: What you doing tonight??

Phillip: I was thinking about taking the cooter scooter out tonight.. You want to come or just wait here??

Pedro: I'll just wait here, bring a brunette will ya?

Phillip: yeah, no worries bro.

Pedro: thanks duder.
by versilius January 13, 2009
We all know what an old coot is. A "cooter scooter" is one of those motorized chairs, like the Rascal, that old coots use to get around.
"Hey Bob, no more gimpin' around for me. I just bought a cooter scooter on the QVC channel!!
by Bill May 20, 2004
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