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When you are porking your girlfriend, you being on top her on the bottom, and you feel that special feeling like you have to blow a massive load. You quickly but skillfully go into a full fledged handstand and scream any word of your choice. We suggest; "Wooooo" or, "Hi-Yah!". Then as you are coming down, try your damnedest to get it back where you started. The success rate is very poor, but some manage to hit the love mitten. (95% miss, don't feel bad.) Finally, you kill the coot! Thus, the name being...DUN DUN DUN....The Cooter Killer.
CoReSaZ: With those free Trojans I got in the mail, man, I totally gave Fran the Cooter Killer!
B-Dizz: Right on!...Who in the hell is Fran?!
CoReSaZ: Sams mom :)...I wish :(
by Corey and Brendon March 24, 2008
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