Verb (of questionable cornish origin): to go
Shall we coose?

Let's coose on down to the shop bey!

He's got his coose on!
by Coose on the loose! August 15, 2012
Top Definition
Of the female gender. The ultimate insult to that sex. To be used in rare ocasions, when even the word cunt, bitch, or whore can't describe her.

cunt bitch whore
Gee whiz Justin, isn't my ex Alicia a real coose?
by Dedalus October 19, 2004
The Female Vagina
Her coose was wetter than a mexican's back
by jim jimson November 26, 2002
Female come, that sticky slimy nasty shit that comes out of pussy, that goop that makes your hand all pruny.
Yo that chick I fingered was practically spraying coose.
by Alex owns you October 15, 2003
big burners!
look at his cooses!
by Anonymous July 26, 2003

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