A small city in South Florida filled with JAPs and CAPs.located near ft.lauderdale
OMG.i live in cooper city.FUCK
by CCHS alumni September 18, 2004
Top Definition
Small city in South Florida where you are either a spoiled Jew, a redneck, or wannabe ghetto person where everyone smokes weed and thinks they're cool.
That Cooper City place is a shitty ass town!
by HillbillyBoneee March 19, 2011
A small, but cute, city where everyone pretty much knows everyone else and putting each other down is a frequent activity.
"Here, in Cooper City, our band wins more than our football team!"
by drippingxwithxsins June 11, 2008
a small city in South Florida full of Jewish kids and weed.
kid1: "do you know where I can get any weed?"
kid2: "uhm, bro...I'm from Cooper City."
kid1: "sweet."
by elevenelephants December 04, 2010
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