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Someone who is pissed off or Cheesy. As in coon cheese. See Cheesy
Kate is so coony she is coon to the coon.
by bettyspag January 31, 2009
A gay person; homo.
Batcheh coony, bia inja
Coony hasti?
Man, you're coony
Khoob gay shodi, coony
Boro gom-sho, coony!
by Senor Poo March 18, 2008
A synonym for coon tails, made popular by Kiki Kannibal
1] Girl I like your coonies!
2] Your coonies look like shit today.
by Nekopan July 02, 2008
To be as physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially COOL and FUNNY as stephanie and sevada.
"damn we're so coony"
by Stephanie and Sev March 18, 2007