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A gay person; homo.
Batcheh coony, bia inja
Coony hasti?
Man, you're coony
Khoob gay shodi, coony
Boro gom-sho, coony!
by Senor Poo March 18, 2008
33 20
A synonym for coon tails, made popular by Kiki Kannibal
1] Girl I like your coonies!
2] Your coonies look like shit today.
by Nekopan July 02, 2008
4 5
Someone who is pissed off or Cheesy. As in coon cheese. See Cheesy
Kate is so coony she is coon to the coon.
by bettyspag January 31, 2009
7 14
To be as physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially COOL and FUNNY as stephanie and sevada.
"damn we're so coony"
by Stephanie and Sev March 18, 2007
6 17