A.k.a Coon Rapids, A northwestern suburb of minneapolis minnestoa, home of the state known syrup sipper DJ HOP. Coon Rapids is known for its highly diverse population which consists of: Gangsters, Thugs, Red necks and rich Wexford residents.
"Coon Town is where its at" - DJ HOP

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by j kobes July 08, 2006
Top Definition
a town inhabbited entirely by African Americans, sometimes known as niggerville, niggertown or little Africa. A Coontown is generally marked by a deathly foul smell (like rotted crayfish, elephant semen, and mexican chilli shit.), large amounts of garbage scattered over the streets, black prostitutes, drunk black people bumming for money to buy liquor. Usually the population suffers from a high unemployment and reliance on welfare.
If you smell something funny when you walk down the street you're in Coontown

Everybody earns their living off the old welfare in Coontown

"Man, place we just drove through sucked!"
"Yeah the smell was terrible"
"Yep, that was a regular Coontown back there."
"At least the chicken was good."
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by Captain Communism July 18, 2006
A synonym that white rednecks use to define African-American neighborhoods
Hillbilly in Kansas City: "We best stay out of the 18th and Vine district, Pedro. That shore enough iz in coon town, and I'm too young to die. Them jigaboos is shooting and looting 24/7."
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by Assex 776 September 30, 2007
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