a.) A term used in an awkward and lame attempt to be seen as a hip or "cool" person.

b.) A term used to describe a sort of nonchalant air about how you feel about a certain situation, even though you are inadvertently telling the world that you are fucking lame by using that term in the first place and or desperate to be accepted by society as a "cool guy"

c.) An instant way to be labeled as a douchebag
When your spin teacher at your gym

(the one who has asked you out on a date repeatedly and you say no every time because girls like me don't date short/squat/balding/cant get the hint guys)

texts you and says,"will you be a spin class tomorrow?" and then you don't respond because you don't want to perpetuate a relationship with him AT ALL. And then in response to your non response, he writes "ok, coolish"
by Ellen25 June 27, 2007
Top Definition
1. Used in replacement of cool, sweet, or awesome. Does not mean something is semi cool.
"Dude Ashley called me last night!"
by Ashley 182 March 04, 2006
The act of an object that has been in the cooler to bill chilled,but not long enough to make it cold
let me get that bumpy face on coolish!!
by liquor mann April 28, 2014
cool but not quite cool in the middle
ted:" hey dude check out my new zebrahead cd
ben:"thats coolish i guess im more a less than jake fan but its still coolish
by D_2007 May 01, 2007
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