the act of being so amazing,so sweet,that cool doesn't cover it, more letters need to be added
Omg, that guy just dropped $100
*picks up*
That is so coolio!!
*buys a chimpanzee*
by samming January 11, 2009
A nickname given to someone who thinks they're to cool for school.
Hey coolio, hows it going over there
by nq April 10, 2005
a great mc, and mentor to uncle jesse.
Yo, man! You so coolio, dog, chump, yeah.
by anonymous March 31, 2003
very cool, great, awesome
Hey, isn't that top so coolio?

Yeah, sounds coolio. syt!
by apollajade January 21, 2005
taking the 'mick' out of gansters,its now 'cool' to sound sad, adding an edge, lets face it 'cool' is sooo boring now
gee cooooolio
by kelly November 10, 2003
like a "wavy" way of saying cool.
1st person: heres a smoke
2nd person: coolio man
by cool-ee-oh October 16, 2003
A VERY Gay way of saying the popular term "Cool"
Hey man, i'll meet you back at my place
'Ight, coolio
by o0gokuo0 August 05, 2005
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