US rapper, famous for multi-million selling song "Gangsters Paradise". In January of 2009, Coolio entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK.
Coolio is so coolio!
by Tibbins January 09, 2009
An urban adaption of the popular term "cool".
Yea, thats coolio
I like ..... he's coolio
by Shoe Gal February 22, 2005
a funky and fun way to say cool
you can use 'coolio' to brighten up a phrase
#1: hey, i'm gonna go check out that new movie later, wanna come?
#2: coolio! sure!
by libragirl April 20, 2008
Coolio, derives from the word, cool, as an adjective that describes someone who you desire mostly. People or inanimate objects such as the PS3 would be described as coolio
Anthony is so goddamn coolio.
by CHANTHONY December 18, 2006
basically cool with an io on the end similar to gnarlio (originating from gnarly)
aaah coolio
the act of being so amazing,so sweet,that cool doesn't cover it, more letters need to be added
Omg, that guy just dropped $100
*picks up*
That is so coolio!!
*buys a chimpanzee*
by samming January 11, 2009
A nickname given to someone who thinks they're to cool for school.
Hey coolio, hows it going over there
by nq April 10, 2005

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