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Cool expression, ;
'hey man,! i just mollywhoped this big bitch. "
by libra-aries bby93 February 16, 2010

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When a person is just too dang cool.
Commonly you will see these folks(generally male) wearing hats crooked/cursing in front of women and children/wearing wristbands/covering their mouths when they laugh/starting fights/usually think they are very good at something in which they have no business participating in/Driving very fast with wrist steering the vehicle.

Famous Coolballers- The entire cast of The Fast and the Furious
"Wow, look out for old coolball, he appears to be looking for trouble."
by Coolball McGraw January 18, 2009
An alternative to 'good' or 'cool'.

Used in a response to a question or a just a general comment
1) Question: "What do you think of my new guitar?"
Response: "Cool Balls!"

2) "Cool Balls...I've just won twenty quid"
by Ryan Carter October 10, 2007