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The energy drink from Down Under (Plano, Tx) that includes among its key ignredients Boronia (a flower that has no enegy-inducing properties but nonetheless smells quite nice) and is named after Coolah, Australia, a town that the can describes as a place where everyone has more energy, but Wikipedia describes as "agricultural with sheep and cattle raising and crops grown... Because there are no major regional towns in the area, and no major roads pass through it, the Coolah region is very quiet and bucolic."
Coolah Energy has Boronia? Whoa, I've never heard of that... must be good!

Look at this Coolah Energy can, it has a boomerang on it, so it must be Australian and not just "inspired" by some Australian drink called Solo!

This Coolah Energy tastes like Mountain Dew.
by Torvald Hightower April 02, 2007
The greatest energy drink known to man. Coolah is an Australian energy beverage derived from the roots of a small village in Australia, called Coolah. It's a lemon drink from the down under with a shocking tang.

on the can: "Coolah is a village in Australia where everyone's got a little more energy. They paint. Play Rugby. Sing. Throw Darts. Dance. And they drink Solo, the beverage with a lemon tang that was the inspiration for Coolah Energy. We added Australian Boronia, Taurine and B-Vitamins to make this one bonzer drink. So pop the top and give it a bash! Welcome to the land of Coolah."
Gimme bonx of that bonza Coolah Energy mate!
by ohheckynawww March 25, 2007
Arguably the best energy drink in the world. It was inspired by the Australian drink Solo and It tastes like a bubbly version of natural lemonade. This drink is highly recommended. It comes in the standard 16oz energy drink can, and it's owned by Coke.
Coolah Energy : "Energy From Down Under"
by ascendant March 03, 2007
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