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The coolest Motha fucka you'll ever meet motha fucka!!

By the way... is the coolest guy you'll ever meet. The Coooooooool breeeeze.
Look! It's Cool Breeze!!
by Travailius March 25, 2010
Dylan Rieder
Sunglasses on Chilling in the Corner not socializing with anyone. But looking cool as fuck.

That is Dylan Rieder a Cool Breeze.
by Moonka September 03, 2011
An exclamation made when a hot girl walks or drives by.

Similar to 'nice wheels' or 'giggity'.
Todd:Wow man there goes that sweet chick again.
Nate: Cool breeze...
by CoolBreezers256 June 28, 2010
You okay, your alright,doing fine, you straight, in the clear. Another way of saying good money.
Sam: Yo, we cool breeze my dude.
by Chante June 24, 2006
A crazy security guard at New Rochelle High School who drives around in a white Dodge Caravan trying to bust you going off campus.
Run it's the motha fuckin' Cool Breeze van!!!
by Yo mama February 12, 2005
Opening a window on an automobile in order to catch the outside air to aid in paying attention while driving impaired.
You should open the window so you can catch the cool breeze. It will help you stay alert.
by Juantanamera November 21, 2006
A term to expand on something good.
When you are hungry and your kutie cooks you breakfast, you say COOL BREEZE!
by ivsa September 17, 2005
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