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*noun* (until someone starts doing it too much, then it changes to a verb) pronounced kun-veen-nunt am-nee-shia

1. Pretty much whenever a certain someone/something is wrong (which is plentiful), he/she/it retracts by saying something totally asinine to cover himself/herself/itself up and try to still prove that he/she/it is right. Basically used to being remembered facts to twist reality.
2. Forgetting certain facts of an area to twist things so you cannot be proven wrong.
*Circa 1999, Location; Phoenix area Best Buy*
Milo: Bro, I've been waiting 18 years for this new Star Wars film to come out! You as excited as I am?
Conner: Yeah! I've been a huge fan my whole life!
Milo: I hear they're introducing a whole bunch of new characters, new Jedi's, a young Anakin Skywalker, and they introduced his mother Shmi (pronounced shmee)
Conner: Naw bro, her name is shimmy
Milo: I just looked at the book that we sell here and its spelled S H M I and phonetically it sounds out shmee
Conner: Yeah, but is pronounced shimmy
*argument ensues for several months*
*premiere night for Phantom Menace arrives*
Qui Gon Jinn: Hello, my name is Qui Gon Jinn
Shmi: My name is Shmi (pronounced shmee) Skywalker
*Milo looks at Conner and smiles. Also see getting palled*
*several years later*
Conner: Incorrect! No bro, it was episode II, 2002, AND it was you who thought it was shimmy!
Milo: Wow, convenient amnesia!! But here is where your argument is flawed broseph. Don't you think by episode 2 I would have known her name was pronounced shmee?

Tony: Dude, me n my boy were talking about the transformers sound and when it happens in the movie vs. when it happens in the cartoon.
Conner: Its when Barricade transforms in the beginning.
Tony: No way, that was Blackout. Blackout is the helicopter.
Conner: No, Barricade is the helicopter.
Tony: Let's look it up.
*after a quick few keystrokes on the interweb*
Tony: There it is. Blackout is the helicopter. You just got palled son.
Conner: Whatever, I never said he wasn't
Tony: Wow. What Convenient Amnesia!
by The Tang Bang Crew May 22, 2008
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