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A contemptuous term used primarily by the main stream media to slander anyone who questions their monopoly on truth.
Even though he has done his own research and has concluded that the official account of events is either lacking or inaccurate, he is still a conspiracy theorist because he does not believe what the main stream media proclaims to be the truth.
by TruthWaves July 31, 2009
A term in which its true meaning has been completely obscured. It is used to attack the credibility of people who seek the truth within crimes committed by the government. It used by those committing the crimes to make those who seek to expose them seem crazy and wrong.
The witnesses who heard a gunshot and saw smoke coming from the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination are conspiracy theorists. The witnesses who felt, heard, saw, and where harmed by explosions during the attacks on the World Trade Center towers basement levels on September 11, 2001 are conspiracy theorists. Any who believes the government doesn't love you is a conspiracy theorist.
by TheDeanofGreen85 May 22, 2009
A word used by shills when they are losing an argument. The shill calls their opponent a "conspiracy theorist" in an attempt to discredit them by implying that they are paranoid and delusional. In point of fact, it is the shill using the term "conspiracy theorist that is engaging in an ad hominem attack that can be considered delusional, brainwashed and willfully ignorant of the FACTS.
All those people who think politicians take campaign contributions from corporations and then support legislation that furthers the business interests of said contributors are just conspiracy theorists.
by Smart Guy5 February 07, 2014
A way to purposely ruin the reputation of someone who does not blindly follow the mainstream view of something.

Used by pro-establishment entities and political figures to enforce mindless conformity. Could also be used as an extremely useful tool for cover-ups, but this is not currently believed very much.

Many conspiracy theorists commit logical fallacies, but so do 'debunkers'. Some take things way too far. It's important to be logical, but also to have common sense and be open minded.
You think that corporations influence the government? ZOMG CONSPIRACY THEORIST
by Shadow Creator November 22, 2007
1) Someone with a very open mind... it just happens that they are too open for their own good.

2) A swell way to become an attention whore.

3) A perfect way to waste away years of your life to find no reliable evidence what-so-ever.
Example: A classic 9/11 conspiracy-

Fold a $20 bill in half, then fold one half up perpendicular to the othe half, do the same thing with the other half, *BING*
You found the Pentagon burning down!
Now flip it, you see the twin towers ablazing (which is disturbingly similar though...)
Since the $20 bill's design was concieved in 1928 (over 4 decades when the towers were built), that's nothing more but a coincidence.

>PS, Conspiracy Theorist, haha.
A conspiracy theorist in today's society is considered a lunatic who makes stories or "false" alternatives up for attention, when in reality, a conspiracy theorist is one of the only beings today capable of critical thinking and actually considering the supposed "truth" handed down to them from the government.

It's really sad how today's people are brainwashed to think that everything someone says is true just because they are in charge, and they are taught to never ask questions, and to think that they could even consider calling someone who doesn't follow blindly like the other sheep, is ridiculous.

The Bush administration really set this term into motion, how on 9/11 anyone who questioned the official story of how a small plane was capable of completely leveling a skyscraper in ways only could be reproduced through controlled demolition was despised, called unpatriotic, and they were not true Americans, when in reality it is true Americans who love their country and hate how their government is lying to their people and no one seems to care. That is all.
Me:Don't these people know it would be physically impossible for buildings as large as the twin towers to be completely leveled at near free fall speed by a small jet engine plane? anyone with a HIGH SCHOOL science education would know that.

Clinton: How dare you? an inside job? You're just afraid to face the truth!

Me: Why would any American rather believe it was their government than a foreign "terrorist" organization.

Bush:Psst, Call him a conspiracy theorist! it's worked so far! Ah well see y'all I'm gonna take another trip to the ranch.
by ValiantOne July 29, 2011
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