1. A place in the Northwoods that is like hell on Earth, but cold.
2. Where the Admin shove the word community down the throats of the students and then throws all of the school alleged "values" out the window to teach the students a lesson
3. Where the heads of the school like to make examples out of students, the worse the punishment the better
4. A place where if you are from Serbia and can play basketball you are automatically excepted, no matter how smart you are and if you are one of these foreign basketball boys you are excempt from all punishment
"Shit...my parents are sending me to Conserve School..."
"It's okay man, they will expell you soon anyways..."
by Elaine Donahue April 22, 2008
Top Definition
A grand semester school. Often given a bad rap by the hostile 4-year students who still aren't over the fact that shit happens. Explore the wilderness, get an education, and have fun for only $200!
Wow, Conserve School was such a great experience! I'm glad I didn't listen to all of the haters who are jealous they don't get this experience!
by GrowUp August 20, 2013
Deep in the North Woods, surrounded by towing pine, there is a campus, sprinkled with lakes and wilderness beauty. A tranquil place for high school students to learn and grow with 60 other students who share their unique passion and love for life and the environment.
Conserve School changed my life, gave me the best friends I will ever know. It showed me how to live, but more importantly, how I want to live. This is the most amazing place, it is my home.
by The Chicago River Goddess November 19, 2014
A corporate retreat/convention center/executive spa/wedding venue masquerading as a semester long high-school nature camp in Wisconsin's northwoods.
The Central Steal and Liars execs are going up north to hang one on this weekend at Conserve School.
by Kazmar April 23, 2009
1. A hole in the Northwoods where teenagers go to learn about the environment, although that normally just means "walks" in the woods.
2. A place with no civil liberties.
Conserve School is the shiznit, y'all.
by anonymous February 09, 2005
A staff-controlled bureaucracy that silences those who object.
Don't work there! That store's a Conserve School!
by pretend that you dont know me December 11, 2006
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