A woman who is extremely gorgeous. she is amazing at making friendships and keeping them, although she is not the most popular person. she keeps to herself. she will never throw the first punch, but you better bet shes gonna throw the last. she sticks up for friends and family, no matter what they may have done to her in the past. all the men want her, but you would have to be pretty special to have a Connie by your side. she loves the outdoors, is the complete opposite of what someone might call a "sissy", and she loves summer.

Connies are usually looked at as awkward and unlikable from afar, but once you get to know her and be around her, she is a friend you will never forget. she is also spontaneous. she is usually not skinny, but far from fat. she is very intellegent, but isnt arrogant about it.

Connie's are the pretty ladies you want to get to know more. all around beautiful.
guy 1: hey is that connie?
Guy 2: yeah, cant take your eyes off her huh?
by that one crazy chick March 26, 2013
Girl who wacks her boyfriend on the head.
Look at that Connie hit him!
by blupenguin October 17, 2005
A bad ass bitch, a Connie knows her shit. Tells you like it is. Don't play games.
Oh she's definitely a Connie
by ML1015 September 25, 2014
Connie is a shortened version of the name Constance. It is a name that is most commonly for females.
Austin: What's your name?
Connie: I'm Constance, but you can call me Connie.
by TheBlueHedgehog June 14, 2016
Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebel ability apart from the shoulders built like a truck. General retardation
Generally: a total spastic
She is doing shoulder day again, she constantly shrugs. Such a Connie
by GDFR April 05, 2015
A man who knows no boundaries and is very mysterious. his eyes speak and when he speaks people stop what there doing to listen. most likely he is cooler than you, so don't try to copy him. if you have Thigh Gap he'll be your best friend, but no fupas allowed. Being the actual most interesting man in the world the Dos Equis commercials impersonate his essences.
Connie is the trendsetter for our generation
by the real thing 23 October 15, 2013
A ugly cunt.
Did you see that bitch she's such a Connie.
by WordDumper February 03, 2015
Damn, after the day I've had, I need to have a loooong talk with Connie.
by Fruitcakes June 01, 2010
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