What started as a misunderstanding between one witty English scholar and a German student with poor English one day in a Yahoo! chat room soon became what is known today as the connex phenomenon. Connex is now used in chat rooms, IRC, and e-mail alike and is yet another one of the internet trends. Basically it can mean any action, reaction, word with implied meaning, or even as a redundant word. Usually it is just used to piss people off, but a lot of times it is also used to try and refer to something without actually saying it.
<DJ_PsYkiK>OMFG d00d, I want to connex LISA.


<FiremanSTEVE>I connex'd so much one day, my friend was like "connex!", and then he went and connex'd
<DJ_PsYkiK>Good job d00d, you have it. You even used the formal connex'd over the informal connexed. Nice.
by DJ July 19, 2004
Top Definition
Probably the worst public transport operator in the western world. Runs Melbourne's entire train system and is forever paying compensation to passengers for poor performance and fines to the Victorian Government, which are then used by bureaucrats to buy expensive take away coffee and herbal and scented teas. Connex is incapable of running a decent train system. Communters should not have to put up with the delays caused by connex. Get the fuck back to France, you bastards!!!
Connex Announcer: The 6.17 Lilydale will not run today.
Passengers: WHAT THE FUCK??? WE WANT TO GET HOME!!!!!!
by opinionated_bastard July 09, 2006
Former franchise holders of South Eastern railways who were hilariously inept...unless you happened to live in their catchment area and needed to catch a frigging train at some point.

Mercifully, they lost their license and trains started to run at (vaguely) the right time. However, they got the bus franchise in the same area, so sales of umbrellas went up 650% overnight.
1.) "Where's my fucking train? It should've been here twenty five minutes ago..."
2.) "Where's my fucking bus? It should've been here twenty five minutes ago..."
by OD Smith April 06, 2005

Late, or delayed.

Similar to Melbourne's train network.
John is Connex again! Can't he ever be on time?

I'm already running like Connex, can't you do it yourself?
by m0ns00n March 10, 2007
An arrogant French company which runs Melbourne's train networks. Their service is characterised by and known for its late and cancelled trains; the dissatisfaction experienced among customers; and its ticket inspectors, roving round in packs, who intimidate and bully customers and whose behaviour resembles that of aggressive apes. The company receives a great many complaints each year for their poor results and their ticket inspectors, and they have proven an embarrassment for the government, who are often blamed for privatising the public transport sector.
The 2.32 Epping will not run today. Connex apologises for any inconvenience caused. Have a wonderful day - our executives already are.
by RobertBuckmaster September 16, 2010
slang for the word dealer, person you get your drugs or other substances from.
"dude, i cant find my connex number and im mad fiending too..."

"my connex came in short and only gave me 6g's
by mp. August 22, 2007
Word often used incorrectly to describe shipping containers in FPS online games
"Danny ! Watch out ! Hes behind the green connex !
by Jeebs_CDN January 10, 2012
(1) to show arrogance, contempt
(2) pathetic
Melbourne's train services are Connex
by Chief Garden Gnome November 12, 2008
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