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A small town in Pennsylvania known best for the fact that a large series of arsons were committed by a mentally challenged man, and it took the police over a year to catch him. Also known for it's very strange occupants, including Dave Reed, Keet, and the guy in the lay down wheelchair thing.
Yins are dum if u ain't frum Connellsville.
by bp009 February 05, 2009
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A small redneck town in the Southwest of Pennsylvania. The influence is a combination: 10% Pittsburgh, 90% West Virginia. The city is dominated by the Steelers, Pizza Parlors, Funeral Homes, and Churches.
Yins wanna gah dahn an fish in dat crick in Connellsville?
by tcmjunkie87 February 04, 2009
A small town in Pennsylvania, basically in the middle of nowhere. Known best for being a hick town. Also known for it's very strange citizen, including the following: Dave Reed, Radio (the guy who rides around in Trotter with a radio on his bike), Keet, Hoagie and the Santa Claus looking guy who walks around with bags. Oh and also that guy who rides around on the wheelchair thing.
Connellsville, yeah thats the place where all the cool kids hang out
by cb1889 March 23, 2009

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