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state next to boston and new york. richest state, with wealthy suburbs such as fairfield, new canaan, avon, simbsbury, glastonbury. a lot of famous people live here, and if you go anywhere and you say your from connecticut people assume you are rich. A state where the kids have better cars then the teachers, and the lunch ladies pop their collars. Pretty much every high school student has a northface backpack and jacket, and if you are a girl who doesn't own birkenstocks and or uggs people will think your poor. Every teenager from the ages 15-22 goes to the DMB concerts in the summer at the meadows and gets either too drunk or high to remember half the concert. The package stores close at 8, and people think the only highways are 91 and 84.
"where are you from?"
"oh.. no wonder you just baught a 15,000 dollar dress"
by beachbum07 October 21, 2006
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The O.C. of the East Coast - though more liberal and historic. Connecticut is home to Paul Newman and Martha Stewart and birthplace of the late Hope Lange. In the 1970s, a time of major demographic change, its governors included the abortion-obsessed Thomas Meskill and the late Ella Grasso.

Connecticut television is dominated by Hartford's WFSB, Channel 3, formerly home to Oprah's pal Gayle King. No other station in America is so obsessed with its frequency number. All the station's personalities wear giant silver 3s on their lapels, and mindlessly chant "three" at every available opportunity. Hartford itself is located halfway between Boston and NYC, and has a marked inferiority complex to both of America's two oldest major cities. The state capitol building, though, is a glorious marvel of Gothic Revival, and well worth a visit.
"Connecticut is critical to Gerald Ford's chances in 1976" - some faceless bicentennial-era broadcaster.
by Victor Felix June 28, 2006
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My home!!
-When outsiders think of connecticut, they think $$$.
This is true, but ONLY for Fairfield County. Yes, there are some towns that are exceptions like Ridgefield, but I've never really been anywhere outside the FC. CT is what you think of when you think New England. We are New York, but with lighthouses and sailboats, and no trashy beaches, just ones you walk barefoot through at sundown. We are Mass. without the majorly annoying accents, and the Red Sox obsession(i don't know if other parts of CT like the Red Sox). Houses range from a peice of crap being $500,000+, and a decent/nice house being $1,000,000+ at minimum. The school systems are great, but people go to Prep School anyway. This state is simply amazing.
It is beautiful, the snow lightly dusts all the state, and the fall foliage is to die for. The summers are hot, but not way too hot (thought it gets quite hot). There is no doubt this state is rich like me. The infamous Greenwich, Westport, Weston, Easton,New Caanan, Wilton, Darien. This state rocks my socks. And for that girl who lives in Westport (i live in Weston) New Jersey is a dumphole, trust me (it's not just CT-ers who think this). Flip flops are not worn in the winter though..... Nevertheless we preps just by association. I love this state, but i must leave it cause it's getting on my nerves!it's too perfect!
I love Jewish Connecticut-ites!!
-Boy Meets World- actual episode
Shawn: Wait, are you telling me that you were some rich kid when you were growing up? Did you have a stone wall?!
John: Yeah, I grew up in some rich town called Westport, CT. All I did was hang out with other snobs, but I finally got out of that place.
Shawn: You're from CONNECTICUT?!
by theFC April 26, 2006
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ahh connecticut my home! nothin like goin to high school with adidas flip flops without socks when its below zero.....wearing abercrombie, american eagle, hollister, living in a neighborhood were the cheapest house cost over half a million dolalrs...were you can walk the streets at night without being scared.. thats what CT is all about...hanging out on the boat or the island house being soo happy....i cant imagine anywere else to live...connecticut is the california of the northeast even in winter...sitting by the fire reading a book in the heart of new england these are things you cant find anywere else...
dude bring flip flops to school tommorow its gonna be below six

ok dude
by nig January 25, 2005
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Someone who is guilty of sharing vanilla coke and sandwiches with members of the same sex. Also known for putting their arm around or snuggling up to a co-worker while in public.
Wow, look at those guys, they are so Connecticut!
by Mr. CT October 27, 2008
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A state that helps connect Boston to New York City.

Be prepared to endure long roads filled with 16 wheelers and people other than connecticut residents. People tend to ask themselves when they left the highway, and somehow ended up on someone's private road with nice cut grass and spacious trees. Don't fret... It's just the Merritt Parkway.
"Welcome to Connecticut! Have fun in New York!

"Are we in NY yet?"

by Dueyutah May 24, 2007
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Let me just say I don't think we are stuck up at all. I also don't believe we have an accent. Abercrombie and Fitch/ Hollister aren't expensive at all so I don't see what the big deal is about. I will admit I thought EVERYONE has been to Cape Cod but appraently not. I love having all
four seasons. A woman I know has a one floor (very small) house and it's worth 225,000 which is an average price for a house I suppose. Mine is 400,000 and it's a raised ranch. Neither of the houses have pools. The majority of 6th graders have cell phones (average age to get one). If you don't have one in 6th then most likely 7th. You can count the number of 8th graders on one hand who don't have one (I actually got mine in 5th). Oh yah, not everyone's preppy although the majority is. I don't believe polo's are really that preppy but okay. We are not stuck up snobs or anything and it's so annoying when people stereotype like that. I love designer things but not everyone does. Not all of us are spoiled but it depends on your definition of spoiled I guess. The day I turn 16 I am promised a car but it makes sence to get a car once you can drive doesn't it? I don't know what else to say so I'll stop here.
Okay, I was in Vermont this past winter (like 3 months ago) and I was talking to these people who were from Connecticut..too. We went skiing/snowboarding together and we talked to some people and every single time they asked, "Where are you from?" and we replied, "Connecticut," they either said, "WOW! so you're really rich?" or "Oh, okay talk to you later bye..." and left and it gets very annoying. This one girl even walked into me on purpose at the bottom of the hill! Please be nice and stop stereotyping.
by Kristinn. March 20, 2007
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