One of the most boring places on earth.
"I'm from Connecticut. Not NY, not Boston, and sure as hell not Jersey. Connecticut. We don't have parkways here. They're highways, and as far as I'm concerned, it's 84 and 91, and that's it. We don't go to bars in highschool. We drive 65 mph to go to the "packy", not the liquor store, but the package store, and we make damn sure we get there before 9. We don't have stupid accents, and we lock our doors when we go to New Haven. We love nothing more than watching our Huskies own shit in March. We eat grinders here, not subs, not heroes, not even hoagies. We enjoy a good party in the woods. We don't get bunked, hammered, smashed, or plastered here. No, no, we get cocked, and we're damn proud of it. I'm from Connecticut."
by CTBLOWS1 August 22, 2006
Ahh Connecticut. Us Connecticutians are wealthy, intelligent and "well-bred." Growing up "inside" this state really gives you no view on the world. We don't experience racism for the few non-white people in the local high school were most likely bussed there from the inner city (but it's okay, they got to pick their bus seat). We make up for our few bad neighborhoods with the extensive sections with lush million dollar plus mcmansions. We don't know what it's like to "go-without" and don't intend to. We party at the meadows and don't remember the concert. Dave Matthews concerts in the summer pretty much qualify as state holidays (for the young that is). Taking advantage of the fact that our police do nothing, we ride around in our expensive BMC or Mercedes sedans and complain (illegally) on our cell phones that Daddy didn't buy us the SUV. We pop our collars as animals mark their territory. What is our territory you ask? It's in a good location you see; between Boston and New York.
1:"Hey, you're from Connecticut right?"
1:"So you're rich?"
2:"Why does everyone always think that!?"
1:"Well you are, aren't you?"
2:"well.........yeah but...."
by trpp April 23, 2006
ahh yes where i live.
known for being a rich inhabitants to famous ppl such as oprah and 50 cent.
but everyone over looks the fact that conneticut also has the most crime rate and hartford conneticut is the murder capital of the world. with such ghettos as hartford, new haven, and parts of meriden yall bitches think we ritches but u aint know shit.
ghetto slang -
hartford - hottford
meriden - dirty den etc... etc...
"Yo nigga where u chilling tonite?"
"My homie got a crib in the dirty den, ima bout to step"
"Iight Ima be up in the webster peepin this new rap group"
"Yo be careful suckas be whallin up there fo yo ass nigga"
The Webster is a small underground concert type place in hartford connecticut for most rap groups and rock groups as well.
by Cryptik November 24, 2005
One of the States of the United States of America and one of the original 13 colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain. Was among the first of the states to seek independence. Connecticut has a rich history and was the home of many patriots. Connecticut is currently among the richest state in the union, and is unfortunately largely filled with rich white liberals. Good education is available to those who can afford it, but taxes are high, and some consider it one of the least free states based on personal and economic freedoms. Drivers are rude (probably 2nd worst in the nation) but not as bad as nearby Massachusetts.

Politically it is usually a blue state filled with idiotic liberals with a bad habit of reelected the same corrupt politicians like Chris Dodd. Some fear Connecticut will turn into an ineffective, bankrupt, one-party state like Massachusetts.
Hey that asshole just passed and flipped me off, must be from Connecticut.
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
Connecticut is a nice state. If you are the one of the idiots who thinks that it is all rich than you need to leave Fairfield County and roll down your tinted Beamer windows. Or just come to visit from another state. Hartfor id the ghetto and all of the mill towns are for working men and women and sometimes welfare takers. If your are from California your state sucks and you are paying way too much for real estate so don't say shit about CT. Watch out for those wildfires maybe you should get an IQ like as high as a person from CT and stop putting your houses in the middle of the forest without a fire break or on a cliff that is prone to mudslides. You forgot about all of the shitty cities that you have. LA's ghetto is almost as big as CT. Ct is way better than Cali anyday. Our girls have real titties they may be ugly but they are real. I grew up in CT NW corner - Go Yankees. Since I moved to Texas I miss Snow (not shoveling it), grinders, driving on the highway, raggies, package stores, and getting cocked. Texans just don't understand. The unly subs we have in CT are in New London. I wish it was illegal in everystate to talk on the cell phone while driving.
Where you from?
Your a rich boy arn't you.
No, I grew up in a factory town.
damn yankee!
I kick your fucking redneck ass I got plenty of practice in CT public school ( the only place where you learn how to spell and learn how to fight)
by Stevehatestx November 20, 2007
Adjective. Nice, Dope, Sweet, Huge, Very Good. Instead of saying that was huge or dope you would say that joint was Husky. A husky is the UCONN mascot, hence the term Connecticut.

See also Husky
That jawn is straight Connecticut!

by Brian Patterson May 03, 2007
Being in CT my whole life heres what I learned.

- everyone in Greenwich has a BMW or an Audi + Shitload of SUVs
- we are a preppy state
- you either drive an average car, or a great one.

(Snobby Towns):
New Canaan
Stamford (mostly North Stamford)
"How much did you pay for that?"
"Wow man thats cheap.."

"Connecticut is one of, if not the richest state."
by Jsmooth May 23, 2006
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